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'New Zealand Landscapes' is the first major publication devoted to the work of Andris Apse, one of New Zealand's most successful and innovative landscape photographers. The 'New Zealand Landscapes' collection of over 100 photographs draws together the best of Andris' images patiently crafted during 20 years of work throughout New Zealand and its sub-antarctic islands. All New Zealand's major landscape elements are represented in these photographs, with chapters on the coastline, lowland wilderness, pastoral land, the high country, mountains and islands.

Andris Apse was amongst the first in New Zealand to use the modern wide format "panoramic" cameras, and this book is an elegant illustration of how well this format portrays the expansiveness and sense of space that are such potent elements in the New Zealand landscape. These photographs also illustrate Andris Apse's mastery of the camera, built on his ability to combine a high level of technical understanding and skill with a strong aesthetic appreciation of the qualities of light and its play on the land.

Essayist Andy Dennis writes in his introduction to this book, that Andris Apse is dedicated to affirming the beauty inherent in New Zealand's diverse landscapes. 'Perhaps as others work through these photographs, they too will be reminded of the years of patience required to assemble a collection as memorable as this, and of how lucky we are that people exist who are prepared to devote their lives to enabling the rest of us to see, by the simple act of opening a book, what is beautiful and moving about landscapes and light.'Look through some of the pages by clicking on the forward/back arrows on this page.

'New Zealand Landscapes'
34 X 24 cm. Hard Cover.
120 pages, 102 images.
Signed by Andris Apse. Text by Andy Dennis.
Price: NZ$50.00